Unverified Commit 56bc1069 authored by Javidx9's avatar Javidx9 Committed by GitHub
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Fixed GLOOP::PlaySample Def

parent 2fcb3f0a
......@@ -1413,7 +1413,7 @@ unsigned int olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::LoadAudioSample(std::wstring sWavFile)
// Add sample 'id' to the mixers sounds to play list
void olcConsoleGameEngineOOP::PlaySample(int id, bool bLoop = false)
void olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::PlaySample(int id, bool bLoop = false)
sCurrentlyPlayingSample a;
a.nAudioSampleID = id;
......@@ -1628,4 +1628,4 @@ float olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::GetMixerOutput(int nChannel, float fGlobalTime,
atomic<bool> olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::m_bAtomActive(false);
condition_variable olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::m_cvGameFinished;
mutex olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::m_muxGame;
\ No newline at end of file
mutex olcConsoleGameEngineGLOOP::m_muxGame;
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